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What does VISION TO BRAND mean?
It all starts with a vision. This is where we begin the creative process. The vision is a long-term idea that captures the essence of your business – beyond your imagination.
From here we analyze your brand and define your brand strategy, goals, brand promise and values, and your target audience. After formulation of the brand values, we use our well-known skills to start building your logo and a singular graphic language. This language, expressing the spirit and individual character of your brand, includes design language fonts, colors, photographic language and icons.

Much more than designs!
Active Branding is here to help you grow your business by projecting that image that tells people who you are and what you’re about. We meet all of your needs: from strategy and branding to design and production for print, web design, website creation and management, packaging design and photography.

What makes us unique?
Branding is a dynamic process constantly in motion. What makes us different is that Active Branding not only creates a winning and energetic brand package, it stays in the picture. Even after we have completed the initial branding, we accompany the brand and help maintain its novel identity by building a brand book that contains guidelines to help preserve the principles of the design and brand idea. This allows you to grow while maintaining your successful image.